Income Acquisition

St. Christopher House

St. Christopher House’s Financial Advocacy and Problem Solving program provides free financial advice, assistant and advocacy for people experiencing financial stress. The program workers can help individuals file tax returns, get a bank account, get social assistance and benefits, and deal with debt.

Location1033 King St. W. Toronto

Contact: 416-848-7980


Ontario Works (OW): provides patients in financial need with financial support. Applying for OW can be done online, in person, and over the phone. Instructions are available here. To find the nearest OW office, click here. Homeless individuals can go to any office to apply.

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP): provides financial support for individuals experiencing disability who are in financial need. Individuals must have a substantial mental or physical disability that is expected to last for one year or longer, and makes it difficult for them to take part in community life and work.

There are two parts to an ODSP application:

  • Part 1 involves assessing the patient’s financial situation
  • Part 2 involves assessing if the patient meets the ODSP disability definition.

Once patients are approved for Part 1, they receive forms for their physician to fill out. The ODSP application & approval process can take quite a few months. To receive money sooner, it’s a good idea to apply for Ontario Works first. Ontario Works staff can then help individuals apply for ODSP. Applying for ODSP can be done online, in person or by phone. Instructions here. To find the nearest ODSP office, click here. Homeless individuals can go to any office location to apply.

Extra Income Supplements

There are many extra income supplements forindividuals receiving Ontario Works or ODSP that require physicians to fill out special forms which can be obtained from the OW or ODSP worker.

Limitation to Participation: Disability can exclude a recipient from mandatory job search and training programs. Billing code is K053 for $15. More information here, see page from “Restrictions on Participation Requirements” and onwards. 

Mandatory Special Necessities Benefits: Medical supplies and health-related transportation, including psychotherapy and AA. Billing code is K054 for $25. More information here

Special Diet Allowance: Patients with some health conditions, including e.g. diabetes, hypertension, HIV, and cirrhosis, are eligible for extra income. Billing code is K055 for $20. More information here.