Food Resources

Free and Low-Cost Meals in Toronto

Sixty-nine different groups provide free or low-cost meals each week in Toronto. A weekly schedule of all the free & low-cost meals, divided up by region of Toronto, can be printed here

Toronto Food Banks

Daily Bread Food Bank runs a network of food banks across Toronto. They will provide a 2-3 day supply of food based on the number of people in the individual’s family.

It is requested that individuals bring identification for all members of the household, household income information as well as housing and utility cost information. The information is used to determine how much food patients are eligible to receive and how often patients are eligible to access the food bank. Individuals unable to provide this identification and this information will not be turned away, but asked to bring it next time they visit. 

Contact: To find the food bank that serves your area, call the Daily Bread at 416-203-0050, Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. During evenings and weekends, call 211.