PEACH – Palliative Education and Care for the Homeless

PEACH is a supportive palliative service fostered by Inner City Health Associates (ICHA).  Aimed to meet the needs of homeless and vulnerably-housed patients with life-limiting illnesses, PEACH’s focus lies with the pain, symptoms and psycho-social goals related to each and every patient’s life’s end. PEACH operates as a “trailblazing” mobile unit, providing attentive care on the streets, in shelters, and with community-based service in collaboration with Toronto Central CCAC (Community Care Access Centre). 

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide quality early, integrated and safe palliative care for the homeless and vulnerably housed populations with a focus on prioritizing dignity for all
  • To support and be a resource to primary team members in:
    • providing end of life care
    • managing basic and complex symptoms
    • accessing medications on the PCFA
    • ongoing support for patients followed by the service
    • assistance in the navigation of palliative care resources
  • To educate and support mainstream palliative care services in Toronto to work effectively with homeless populations
  • To increase competency of community homeless agencies to support clients facing end of life
  • To advocate for accessible, high quality, early, integrated palliative care for homeless and vulnerably housed populations
  • To advance the body of knowledge for delivery of palliative care for homeless and vulnerably housed patients

Further Information

To learn more about how the PEACH project started, watch the TEDx Talk  by Dr. Naheed Dosani below.


For more information on the PEACH program or to submit a referral form, please email the PEACH Team’s Community Nurse and Coordinator, Sasha Hill, at


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