Our Team

ICHA Executive, Leadership and Operations Team

Andrew Bond, Medical Director

Payam Pakravan, Director of Operations

Priya Vasa, Director of Quality Improvement and Research 

Michaela Beder, Director of Mental Health and Substance Use Care

Mona Haidar, Director of Primary Care and Clinical Specialties

Aaron Orkin, Director of Population Medicine

Suzanne Shoush, Director of Indigenous Health

Deborah Pink, Education Lead

Naheed Dosani, PEACH Lead

Graham Gaylord, Substance Use Lead Physician 

Alena Ravestein, Senior Manager, System Design and Program Development

Akuah Frempong, Nursing Programs Coordinator

Rowena Taheny, Mental Health and Substance Use Care Programs Coordinator

Angella Chambers, Primary Care and Clinical Specialties Programs Coordinator

Amy Sargent, Indigenous Health Programs Coordinator

Sean Lau, Education, Research & QI Programs Coordinator

Grace Richandi, Population Health Services Program Manager

Muleta Gieto, Clinical Services Coordinator, Supply and Logistics

Abel Nyarkoh, Human Resources Manager

Maame Abeyieh, Human Resources Assistant

Cathy Yeung, Accountant

Sanaz Rouhi, Finance Analyst

Trudy Stedford-Sinclair, Clerical Assistant

Claudia Silva, Clerical Assistant

Rudy Cimic, Business Intelligence Analyst