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Welcome to the Inner City Health Associates Website!

Description of the Inner City Health Associates.

The Inner City Health Associates (ICHA) are a group of physicians who work with those who are homeless in Toronto. Our vision is to help end homelessness by providing specialized health care and health related programming in the community. We include physicians with backgrounds in Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine and Community Medicine. Services and programming are provided in various locations including shelters, specialized clinics, drop in centres and related settings.


See below for a map of the community agencies we work out of and which sites have family physicians and/or psychiatrists.
This is up-to-date as of September 2012.  

View larger version of ICHA map in Google Maps.

ICHA Mental Health Opportunity

ICHA is an incorporated group of physicians, working in frontline homeless service settings throughout the city of Toronto. Numbering 65 physicians in total, ICHA has already made significant contributions to the redesign of our local system of health care for those who are homeless and have complex support needs.



We are currently seeking to recruit several additional psychiatrists to support our existing as well as new initiatives, on a part time basis.   For more information about ICHA, for opportunities to work with this population a few hours a week (or more), or to obtain funding for your current work though this unique plan, please contact Dr. Christopher Tam, or Alexandra Pinto at

We look very forward to working with you towards contributing to a better system of care for those of our patients who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.



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