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Transitional Primary Care

We bring primary care to our patients in shelters and drop-ins through our outreach clinics. Our aim is to assist patients with their health & psychosocial needs and to help them navigate the social services & health system in order to transition to long-term care with a family physician in the community.

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Psychiatric Care

ICHA psychiatrists care for patients in shelters, respite centres and drop-in sites and through unique interdisciplinary outreach programs (CATCHM-DOT and MATCH) delivered by ICHA and homeless-serving-sector partners. They provide expertise in fields such as substance use, refugee and migrant care, and youth and adolescent psychiatry.

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Palliative Care

ICHA’s innovative PEACH program delivers palliative care to vulnerably housed people with life-limiting illnesses, providing services through mobile care in shelters and on the streets. ICHA is proud to be part of the partnership supporting Journey Home Hospice that improves access to hospice palliative care for Toronto’s homeless community.

About ICHA

In less than 15 years, Inner City Health Associates has become the largest homeless health organization in Canada, with 200 physicians and nurses offering Toronto’s homeless and precariously housed population with direct access to high-quality health services.

ICHA provides transitional primary care, psychiatry and palliative care, reaching people on the street and at shelter-based clinics, drop-in sites, encampments, COVID-19 isolation/recovery centres, and physical distancing hotels. ICHA aims to set the standard of excellence in homeless health service delivery and is dedicated to addressing deficits in the social determinants of health and to ending homelessness.

Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health, ICHA works with the City, hospitals and community health and social support organizations to bring integrated care and support to the homeless community to improve individual and population health.


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CAEH/CNH3 Calls for Prioritizing COVID-19 vaccinations for people experiencing homelessness

February 5th, 2021

All people experiencing homelessness, regardless of where they reside, need and deserve to be protected. Only a rigorous, resourced, consistent, cross-country best practice approach to vaccinating vulnerable populations like the …
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Dr. Philip Berger appointed to the Order of Canada as an Officer

December 7th, 2020

We are pleased to announce that on November 27, 2020, Dr. Philip Berger was appointed by the Governor General to the Order of Canada as an Officer.

Updated COVID-Alert Risk Evaluation and Management (CARE) Tool

November 10th, 2020

The COVID-Alert Risk Evaluation and Management (CARE) Tool, Version 2, developed by ICHA’s Population Medicine Team, is now available in PDF form below. This updated version of the tool includes …
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ICHA Medical Director Dr. Andrew Bond participates in national discussion on homelessness during interview with host of CBC’s flagship show, The Current

October 13th, 2020

CBC’s flagship current affairs program, The Current, opened its episode on Thanksgiving Day with a timely and thoughtful trio of interviews on homelessness across the country. CBC’s The Current: Homelessness …
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